The Power of Communication

The Power of Communication: Skills to Build Trust, Inspire Loyalty, and Lead Effectively

The Power of Communication

By: Helio Fred Garcia

Synopsis: Dominate the world with your words.

Thoughts: Ok, so that synopsis isn’t really true – or maybe it is, but I should probably expand since it’s actually a pretty cool concept for a boring old business book. So this cool cat Fred teaches communication based on the principles of a book called Warfighting (which I believe is basically THE book that all Marines are expected to read and know and love). Anyway, he takes the principles from Warfighting and turns them into communication tips – sounds strange, but it actually works in an odd sort of way.

For example….

“War is fundamentally an interactive social process” (from Warfighting)

“Effective communication is fundamentally an interactive social process (from The Power of Communication)

You guys see what he did there? He swapped “War” with “Effective Communication” and wrote a whole book about it! Ok, I’m being kind of a cynical jerk here and will stop. Overall, I felt a little iffy about the book because many parts seemed a little contrived and/or repetitive. HOWEVER…likening war to communication (and illustrating the concepts with passages from Warfighting) was a pretty creative way to teach the subject. And if communication (including putting together and delivering presentations) isn’t your strong suit, I think you could actually learn a lot from this book.

Also…apparently Warren Buffett swears by this book. And while I’m not sure how I feel about his powerpoint skills, I sure as hell admire his business sense. So there’s got to be some magic hidden inside this little doozy.

Overall Grade: B


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