Everything I Never Told You

Everything I Never Told You

By: Celeste Ng

Synopsis: Lydia, clearly the favourite child of the Lee family, goes missing and is soon found dead. As the police work to solve the mysterious death, the Lee family begins to do their own detective work, analysing the final weeks of Lydia’s too-short life. The various perspectives of the Lee clan paint a unique picture of Lydia’s life. And we soon begin to realise just how little anybody really knew about this strange little birdy.

Thoughts: Come on!!! What does a girl have to do to get a good book around here?

Ok in fairness, Everything I Never Told You wasn’t awful…it was just less than satisfying. I think the concept as a whole was pretty interesting. Death…check, revelations about a family member who was completely different that any of her nearest and dearest ever suspected…check. But the execution of said concept definitely fell short of expectations.

I think the problem here was that I desperately wanted to like this book. I’ve gone through such a string of mediocre books this summer that I just wanted something that I could actually recommend to you delightful folk. And so I tried as much as possible to fully immerse myself in this one. I found myself trying hard to like the characters (who were all a tad annoying), and I tried really hard to find some deeper message behind the plot line. And at the end of the day (a.k.a. book), I realised that you just shouldn’t have to try so hard. No amount of hoping and wishing and praying will ever turn a so-so book into a work of art.

Overall Grade: B-


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