Orphan Train

Orphan Train

Orphan Train
By: Christina Baker Kline

Synopsis: Two foster children – one, a modern-day gothic trouble maker, and the other, a 1920s Irish immigrant. Will their stories magically intertwine? We shall see….

Thoughts: Orphan Train proved for the most part to be a relatively enjoyable read, however I feel a bit obliged to review each story line separately.

Niamh’s story line (a.k.a. historical fiction delicious yum) was amazing. I honestly would have rather had this section expanded to fill the whole book. As I find with so many of these novels, the characters and setting are easy to fall in love with. I also sort of like the on-edge feeling of being unsure of how the story line will turn out. With such deeply sad sections, it becomes hard to imagine that things will improve. So when they do – what a lovely surprise – and when they don’t – ahhhh angsty emotions!

Now cue the Molly story line. Womp womp. Every time these sections came up, I almost wanted to just skip forward to continue with Niamh’s story. It’s not that they were particularly bad, but they just didn’t add anything for me. In all honesty, I probably could have guessed ahead of time exactly what those Molly filler chapters contained (ahem…cliché much…) without having actually read them. They sort of had the effect of turning a book that had the potential to be something truly great into a somewhat mediocre work of modern fiction.

Overall Grade: B+ (solely for the Niamh story line)


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