Dark Places


Hi guys, remember me? Your trusty, albeit a tad rusty, source for book recs? Well after a somewhat unanticipated and lengthy break from the world of reading (who knew the first year of my MBA would keep me entirely occupied and away from reading??), I’m hopping back on the saddle. I’ve managed to land an internship with a 3 hour per day commute, so bring on the books…the non-business books, that is.

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Synopsis: Libby Day is a pretty screwed up individual, something that comes as no surprise considering her brother, Ben, is currently serving life in prison for the murder of basically her entire family. But when Libby receives a strange phone call bringing her brother’s 20-year old case into question, she is forced to dive back into her past to discover the truth, however horrifying it may be.

Thoughts: I actually feel a tad sad that the first book to review is kind of meh. I was extremely excited to get started with Dark Places, as Gillian Flynn has proven to be one of the more entertaining authors I’ve encountered in the last little while. But sadly, this one lacked a bit of the pizzazz that kept me so captivated with her last two novels.

For those of you who have read Gone Girl, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Its success lay in Flynn’s ability to make her words reach off the page, lasso you around the neck, and smash your face into the pages of her novel until you emerge gasping for breath, feeling confused, intrigued, and a tad exhausted. Sure, Dark Places still contained some of those twisty turns that Flynn has become so well known for. But to me, it seemed as though these plot twists were a tad of an afterthought…not quite as meticulously planned out as I was expecting.

It took a while to get to the main point of Dark Places, but once there (about halfway through the book), things started to pick up a bit. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read (or close, for that matter), but at least it held my attention (intermittently) during a couple of flights across the States.

…Although I suppose that’s not saying much considering my options were either keep reading or lovingly watch the stranger next to me sleep (creeeeepy!!).

Overall grade: B


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