Tigers in Red Weather

tigers in red weather

Tigers in Red Weather by Lisa Klaussmann

Synopsis: Nick and her cousin, Helena, spent their childhood summers together in their family’s estate on Martha’s Vineyard. They now both have children and though there are more players in the game, the dynamic between Nick and Helena is still intact. Some things (people) really never change.

Thoughts: You know, I thought this book got a bit of a bad rap. I would definitely throw it into the category of summertime read (as in, there’s nothing special about it, but it will keep you fairly interested), but it wasn’t as bad as some of the reviews made it out to be. I liked the way Klaussmann used multiple points of view throughout different points in time to tell a single story. Though a bit of a surface level book, I did enjoy sifting through the information to decide upon a true story.

I did have a couple issues with the book, but in dubbing it a “beach read”, I think I let some of this slide. For starters, the characters were a little too contrived for my taste. Let’s see…we had the attention-hungry hot mom, the naive daughter who would do anything to please “mummy”, the hunky dad who made some mistakes but has since atoned for them, the drug addicted aunt with a crap “movie producer” husband at home, and a psychopathic cousin who may or may not have murderous tendencies. And yup – that’s the cast.

The other small gripe I had is that it didn’t stay true to form. Again, think beach read – it was going along that path…contrived characters and all…and then during the last 30 pages, it tries to get all up in our faces with a serious plot. No siree Bob – you’re either serious or you’re not. Don’t try to be both, because it just doesn’t look good on you.

Overall Grade: B-

Up Next: UNDECIDED!!! (eek!) I’m halfway through a book that I’m not really into. I have a soon-to-be-due-library book about cadavers. And I have a CIA book that I’m really jazzed about. Who knows where the wind will blow me…


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