The Kitchen House

Kitchen House

The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom

Synopsis: Lavinia is orphaned aboard a ship from Ireland to America. The ship’s captain takes pity on the poor girl and allows her to come to live and work at his plantation with his slaves. Though she clearly stands out in her new home, she is welcomed warmly into the family. Soon enough, Lavinia is accepted into the big house because of her white skin. But the more she becomes a part of that world, she realizes she can never leave behind her true family.

Thoughts: Oh my gosh, you guys, go buy (or borrow…or steal…) this book right now. I’m serious. Don’t even read the rest of this – just get yourself this book, find yourself a comfy seat, hunker down for a few hours and get yourself ready for a terrific read.

What are you still doing here? Go!!!

Ok, I’m done. But as you can tell…this book was SO GOOD!!! It’s been a while since I read something that truly grabbed at my emotions as much as this did. I honestly could not put this book down – I loved every bit of it. Every character was strong, regardless of how big or small a role they played, and each character played a very integral part in the story. It was one of those stories in which the bad guys were so vile that you wanted to reach through the pages and slap them, and the heroes (mostly heroines in this case) were the perfect combination of delightful and sorrowful.

I could go on and on, but I’ll save you my ramblings. I will say that one of my absolute favorite touches of the novel was that the main character Lavinia was dubbed “Abinia” by her new “family”. It was so simple an addition to the book, but it managed to be one of the most powerful parts.

Overall Grade: A

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