Jesus’ Son

Jesus' Son

Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson

Synopsis: A sad, but powerful portrait of hopeless American youth. Johnson’s short stories touch on homelessness, addiction, crime, and other such light hearted topics.

Thoughts: I read a review of this book that piqued my interest a long time ago and for some reason decided to check it out from the library the other day. I’m not always sold on short stories – I think it’s a pretty fine art of making each story stand on its own two feet but also making sure they all have a connection with each other. The stories of Jesus’ Son were a little less independent than your typical short story collection, but they definitely flowed well.

All of the stories are pretty shocking (I love me a good drug-fueled homeless man tale), which makes for an interesting read. But go beyond that and you’ll see a picture of deep loneliness. It’s a short and fairly easy book to get through, but it sure isn’t easy to stomach at times.

Overall Grade: B+

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