Wayside School Trilogy


Wayside School Trilogy by Louis Sacher

Synopsis: Wayside School was built sideways, and so, the 30 classrooms were stacked one on top of the other. It was an honest mistake, but it surely made for an interesting school experience – especially for the class on the very top floor!

Thoughts: I toyed with whether or not I should review this here. It’s definitely not my typical read-and-review book, but I thought what the heck. I was perusing Goodreads a few weeks ago and for some reason the original Sideways Stories from Wayside School caught my attention. This was one of my absolute favorite books growing up, and I figured why not read again. I mean come on people, I’m unemployed – I have all the time on my hands here – and girls just wanna have fun…or something like that.

So if any of you care to read something a tad different (and absurdly easy), I figured I would write a short little review. Which is now turning into a normal sized review because I’m rambling.

Pause. Reset. Here we go. Wayside school is still as wonderful as ever. Louis Sacher created some truly timeless characters and I still adore each and every one of them (except, of course, that terrible Mrs. Gorf). I think the first in the trilogy is by far the best, but the second and third are a pleasure to read as well.

Overall Grade: A+/A/A- (in order of #1 to #3)

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2 responses to “Wayside School Trilogy

  1. Lizzy

    I love that you re-read these! I was obsessed when I was little. I’ll have to see if my mom still has mine…

  2. I LOVE that you reread these! They reminded me how much I loved them and want to reread them now!

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